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About Us

QÔL Co, The Quality Of Life Company, was founded by Dr. Arron Achey and Emily Achey out of their passion to truly support individuals along their journey to optimal health, with a comprehensive, integrative approach. Arron and Emily have both experienced and witnessed how powerful it can be to dig deeper and use a holistic approach to support the body to work the way it was designed to. 

QÔL Co Core Values

Integrative Approach

QÔL Co understands the importance of integrating multiple healthcare disciplines to truly find optimal health. You will experience a holistic, whole body and lifestyle approach to support your body to operate effectively and efficiently on its own!

Root Cause Discovery

There is always a reason why we feel the way we feel. We are here to be your healthcare detectives and get you answers. These answers will guide recommendations to overcome the concerns once and for all!

Health Partnership

You are the one that lives in your body- you know it best! We are here to partner with you along your journey of finding and maintaining optimal health. We will use our knowledge and expertise to co-create your health.

Empowering Experience

The QÔL Co experience empowers optimal health. We are here to give you the knowledge, tools and support to eagerly work towards and maintain your vision of an optimal Quality of Life.

Meet The Team


Dr. Arron Achey

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Certified in Dry Needling

Dr. Arron attended the University of Maine for his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology, where he played football and was introduced to the world of injuries and physical rehab. He underwent multiple surgeries and experienced years of chronic pain until he was introduced to a more holistic, integrative approach to support his body from the inside out. Once he made changes to his nutrition, and addressed other aspects of his lifestyle such as sleep quality and stress management, his quality of life shifted dramatically. Effective physical therapy along with these integrative factors resolved his chronic pain, and gave him more energy and joy for life than he knew was possible.

Arron went on to complete his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Stony Brook University on Long Island, NY, and has since had additional experience with strength and conditioning and training in Dry Needling. He has experience working at outpatient clinics around the country, and is so grateful to now have the opportunity to serve his community through QÔL Co.


University of Maine- B.S Kinesiology

Stony Brook University- Doctorate In Physical Therapy

Spinal Manipulation Institute- Certified in Dry Needling



Emily Achey

M. S Registered Dietitian

Board Certified Integrative and Functional Nutritionist

Registered Yoga Teacher- 200hr

Emily attended the University of Maine for her undergraduate degrees in Human Nutrition and Biochemistry. Her graduate studies took her to Long Island University where she obtained a Masters and completed her Dietetic Internship. During her training, and first job as a Registered Dietitian, she realized how much nutrition is overlooked in the conventional healthcare model. Along with that, she experienced her own hormonal health concerns and had very little support from conventional medicine. She was discouraged and lost in her career and personal health and began to look at other options. Functional Medicine came across her search and the rest is history. She received an advanced board certification in integrative and functional nutrition and along the way was able to optimize her personal health and Quality of Life.

Emily's passion lies in empowering others to embark on their journey to find their optimal Quality of Life. Health is such a precious asset and gateway to fully be able to be who you are and shine your gifts to the world. She is grateful to have the opportunity within QÔL Co to support your journey.


University of Maine- B.S Human Nutrition, B.S Biochemistry

Long Island University- M. S Clinical Nutrition, Dietetic Internship

Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy- Board Certified Integrative and Functional Nutritionist

Yoga Alliance- 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher 

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